"Sukces to wiedzieć czego się chce a szczęście to cieszenie się z tego co się ma" Chińskie przysłowie

Jacek is passionate about nature and man taking place in the thought processes. He deeply believes that everyone has all that is needed to create a happy life.

He leads a very active lifestyle. During his studies, which ended in 2002 with the degree of Master of Science, already studied the efficient use of time, agreeing responsibilities with the duties of the young student's father, with work and hobbies. Then ran a small business, worked simultaneously as a computer in a local newspaper during the holiday season and was invited by travel agents to work as a camp counselor.

Jacek since 2002 is working with people, creating sales, training and motivating teams. He reached managerial positions in the advertising and medicine industry. Each change is a challenge for him and so courageously taken to create new projects. We are constantly gaining valuable experiences that enrich it with knowledge about others and about myself.

He is an investor - to invest in yourself constantly reading, attending courses, training at the best specialists in the country and abroad. He spends several days a year on training, so that continually expands the practical and theoretical knowledge. He participated in the training include the following areas: personal development, self-management over time, self-presentation, motivation, coaching, setting and achieving goals, multidimensional communication and training in dozens of marketing and sales

As one of the dozens of people in the world, Jacek certified trainer and coach'a in international business training company:


and personal development and life coach.

He won the title of "Super Teacher" and received a certificate issued by the European Institute of Education:

It also participates in a wide variety of courses, continually expanding the knowledge and skills in a wide range:



Inspired by the best speakers such as: Brian Tracy, Dale Carnagie, Spencer Johnson, Joseph Murphy. Personal development is his passion.

Jacek willingly shares his knowledge with others. He is the author of book "Architect of the Future" (book a few days after the release hit the bestseller list in the publication Golden Thoughts)

and a number of publications, courses and web portals. Conducts meetings, training courses and lectures. It works with training companies, among others, Brian Tracy International oraz z polskimi uczelniami.

Wyższa Szkoła Zarządzania i Bankowości w Krakowie (WSZiB).

Social support for public institutions and foundations.

Since 1997, he formed a successful relationship with a wonderful wife, Agnes and since 1999 he's proud to participate in the most extreme life experience that is raising a child - a daughter Agata

In his spare time, Jacek indulges in many passions. He loves to play guitar, work out at the gym, roller skating, skiing, fly kites, play bridge. Recently, interest in the possibilities of using the Internet to make money. He also likes to travel. He visited Cuba, Austria, England, Germany, Ukraine, Slovakia, Italy. Travel is often combined with training.

Polska, Katowice, Training for coaches.

Poland, Art of presentation and public speaking..

Polska, Katowice, Marketing on the Internet..

Kuba, Varadero, Interpersonal Communication..

Kuba, Havana